ABE in the news, October 30, 2015: Instructor layoffs rescinded

Katie Hyslop’s article in The Tyee captures the good news, and it points to outstanding issues:


Good News for VCC Adult Ed, Some Layoffs Rescinded



One thought on “ABE in the news, October 30, 2015: Instructor layoffs rescinded

  1. Dear Lynn,

    Incredible to realize that we have been fighting for almost a year to restore ABE to tuition free status.

    Thank you for your extraordinary efforts on behalf of our students. Thank you for your great Ed Leave project. It is so powerful. We have a wealth of information and resources gathered in this first year. Perhaps it is time to focus on how to direct this information now so that it has the biggest impact.


    Judith Wallace PhD Chemistry Instructor School of Access Vancouver Community College Broadway Campus (604) 871-7000 ext 2084



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