Letter of the Day goes to Karen Shortt!

Karen Shortt, President, VCCFA, responds to Minister Wilkinson’s Sep 30, 2015 letter.

Click on the link to readĀ Penny-wise and pound foolish in the Vancouver Sun, October 1, 2015.

You’ll find Minister Wilkinson’s September 30th opinion on standing behind his government’s unwieldy grant system at thisĀ link.

However, it is ironic that, in a BC Government press release this same day, Wilkinson’s colleagues announced “Red Tape Reduction Day” (to be held on the first Wednesday of every March).

Students, mark your calendars! Perhaps by March we will see a reinstatement of core funding for ABE and an end to an unwieldy grant system that has ushered in declining enrolment and fewer classes for adult learners.