It’s BC 2016 Budget Consultation season: It’s time to provide input

In BC, the 2016 Budget consultation season is here (mid-Sepember to mid-October). This process, as prescribed by BC’s Budget Transparency and Accountability Act (2000), gives citizens and organizations an opportunity to provide input on provincial government spending priorities.

While the BC government operates with a surplus, it’s time to speak out against funding cuts and shifts that are decreasing student access to stable, quality adult basic education in the province:

  • fewer classes
  • learning centre closures
  • complicated rules across ministries about who gets funded
  • enrolment decreasing; low take-up of financial aid benefits due to a complicated funding mechanism
  • drain on institutional resources
  • reduced funding to other social services supports impacting vulnerable adult learners

Let the BC government know that it needs to restore stable funding to adult basic education in the province:

  • remove tuition fees (as it did back in 2007)
  • restore core funding

For information on how to provide input, click on the links below:

Deadline for written and online submissions is October 15, 2015.


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