Adult education opens doors, but who is not going back to school this fall?

Representatives from the Federation of Post Secondary Educators (FPSE) and the BCTF assembled to make the case for the thousands of Adult Basic Education students in BC who will not be going back to school this fall. The panel also included Karen Shortt, Vancouver Community College Faculty Association (VCCFA) President, VCC students Eric Li and John Corsiglia, and Chris Murphy, President of the VSB’s Adult Education Instructor’s Union (VESTA). Panel members called for the BC government to make it right: to restore stable adult education funding, a small amount compared to this government’s reported surplus, a small amount that would mean so much to so many adult students.

VCCFA’s Karen Shortt made a direct appeal to the BC Liberals:

“…you had it right the first time. In 2007 when you brought in tuition-free Adult Basic Education, you did a good thing. You can fix it. You can bring that back, and you can bring that back immediately.”

Click on the link to view the full press conference.


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