April 12 Day of Action against cuts to Public Education

FACE (Families Against Cuts to Education) is planning a day of action against cuts to public education on April 12.

Check out times and places of rallies in your community here:

Further information about FACE and the action can be found here and here

One thought on “April 12 Day of Action against cuts to Public Education

  1. Everyone has to come to the eventual realization, that rich or poor or somewhere inbetween, all of us and our children, are going to have to interface with one another in moving forward or reaching a dead end. Maintaining desparity through a lack of meaningful and accessable education I believe will be sited as the leading cause of increasingly catastrophic outcomes for our common futures due to this lack of equality. Let’s hold education as a vestibule in which humans will create a thriving existence for themselves while cherishing and preserving the richness of “bigger” picture and our inexcapable interconnectedness. As educators we must stand up for values with this core importance!


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