Enbridge donates funds for Adult Basic Education digital delivery

According to the Prince George Citizen, Enbridge/Northern Gateway has stepped in to contribute $250,000 toward the development of a ‘digital delivery initiative’ that may, when completed three years from now, make ABE accessible to adults in rural areas in Northwest BC. The need for the DDI arose following cuts to the ABE program at satellites of the College of New Caledonia that the college seems to recognize left many adults with no access to basic education. Interestingly, the DDI aims to address many of the problems of the usual online learning offered adults through LearnNow such as access to a group to support learning and to an educator to teach content in real-time.

The DDI would establish synchronous, real-time video-link interactions among groups of students and their educator. The Enbridge/Northern Gateway donation will fund a classroom in Prince George to start, but curiously, with a pilot  among students taking university transfer courses in business.  According to the Prince George Free Press, Northern Gateway says this is very exciting  for the company.  Northern Gateway senior manager of community benefits and sustainable development Catherine Pennington:  “We believe education is the key to a brighter, sustainable community. This initiative opens up a whole new world of opportunities for learners.”


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