Ministry of Advanced Education re-instates funding for ABE for one year

In another surprise turn, the Ministry of Advanced Education announced on Friday, February 13 that they will re-instate 6.9 million to the 18 post-secondary institutions to “give them an opportunity to plan changes that would be needed if they decide to move to a tuition-based model”.

Peter Ewart of 250 news in Prince George has been writing consistently about the ABE cuts since they were announced December 4. See his ABE: Why screw up a good thing? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  In an analysis published today, he suggests that this one-time funding decision was in response to considerable pressure from educators, learners,employers and communities. He muses that It may also have been in response to the fact that given the provinces’ stated goal to create a seamless pathway from secondary to post-secondary education for students in the Northwest, the ABE tuition fee policy makes no sense.

But as Ewart notes, this recent decision offers only a reprieve and the risk that groups will have demobilized by the time the tuition policy is implemented next year.


2 thoughts on “Ministry of Advanced Education re-instates funding for ABE for one year

  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, Peter Ewart’s four articles have very thoroughly and accurately presented the chain of events and issues surrounding the recent changes to ABE funding in the province. Peter’s last article gives excellent reasons why we must continue to advocate for tuition-free ABE in the province.

    With steep tuition fees, we are experiencing a funding mechanism through AUG that is unwieldy: students are getting assessed fees mid-way through the term, dropped from courses for not paying fees they haven’t been informed about; other students are reporting collection agency notices. There is uncertainty about how the colleges will spend the transition funding. Will it be used to defer student tuition costs, or will it be used to dismantle public ABE?

    In adult literacy and basic education, we have always advocated for seamless access for students. We must continue to advocate for tuition-free ABE.


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