Connecting the Dots

The benefits of a basic education extend beyond the purview of the two education ministries.

In Improving Adult Basic Skills: Benefits to the Individual and to Society, a study out of the UK,, and in Lance Lochner’s The Non-Production Benefits of Education: Crime, Health and Good Citizenship (University of Western Ontario),,

Individuals who improve their basic skills:

  • have increased labour market participation and lifetime earnings
  • resist unemployment
  • suffer less from poor physical and mental health
  • are more likely to have children who do well in school
  • resist criminal activity
  • are more likely to be active in community
  • and are less discriminatory in their attitudes

It’s time to connect the dots. Let’s engage with all agencies and interests across government (e.g., health, economy, employment, K-12, community development, justice, human rights, and all the others) that recognize the merit in supporting adult learners as they strive for a basic education.

Reinstating the $5 million that was pulled from adult basic education suddenly looks like a bargain.


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