“I owe it all to community college”

Read Tom Hanks’ story in the New York Times where he credits his tuition-free college experience to his success. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/14/opinion/tom-hanks-on-his-two-years-at-chabot-college.html?_r=1


3 thoughts on ““I owe it all to community college”

  1. ?Hi,

    I’m doing a piece on student poverty/student debt in our department. I will be posting information on our department bulletin board.

    Please let me know how I can obtain permission to use a number of the articles from :”Adult Basic Education is a Basic Right”. I will ensure that I correct acknowledge the source.


    Judith Wallace PhD Chemistry Instructor School of Access Vancouver Community College Broadway Campus (604) 871-7000 ext 2084



    • Hello Judith

      Thank you so much for connecting with us! Unless other contributors understand otherwise, the articles on this blog are public. You can cite and reference the blog according to whatever system of referencing your are using. Your research sounds very interesting and important. Could you let us know when your research is published so that we can link to it on this blog?


      • Welcome to the discussion, Judith. I look forward to seeing your bulletin board at Broadway campus. Please let us know where we can view it. I agree with Suzanne, reference the blog liberally.


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