Obama to propose tuition-free post-secondary education

President Obama is about to propose a bold new policy to make the first two years of post secondary education in the country’s community colleges tuition- free. The criteria is that students progress in their studies, attend at least half-time and maintain a 2.5 grade point average. The policy is introduced in recognition of the role of post-secondary education in promoting social and income equality,  and in drawing in thousands of people who would not have considered pursuing further education. While the state college system in the US offers grants to low income learners, these have not been successful to attract low and lower middle income adults into colleges because of the many other costs associated with education. Premier Wynne in Ontario has reportedly offered a ‘luke warm‘ response to the idea of tuition-free post secondary education, because she said it may have the effect to limit access as ‘subsidies will not be available to everyone’. But Obama wants to make post secondary education free to everyone and as accessible as a high school diploma.


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