And in Saskatchewan they are increasing funding for ABE

A search of ABE policy in Canadian provinces is quite interesting. As far as I can tell, BC is the only province intent on limiting adult basic education and academic upgrading as some kind of cost saving measure.  Saskatchewan increased funding for ABE seats by 9.1% in 2013-2014 as part of a strategy to promote access to post-secondary education and skills training in that province. Clearly Saskatchewan can make the link between equitable access to adult basic education, and access to training, skills development and good jobs. Why can’t BC make the link?


6 thoughts on “And in Saskatchewan they are increasing funding for ABE

  1. I’ve sent Andrew Wilkinson a letter, similar to the one that I sent my MLAs…though I haven’t heard back. The fact that he isn’t the original one who made the decision gives me some hope at least that he might reverse it.


    • Hi Melinda,
      It’s Suzanne Smythe here. Would you be willing to post a copy of your letter to Andrew Wilkinson to this blog? Perhaps if people wrote to the Minister about the consequences of this policy in their contexts and institions, and shared the letters in the adult education community we could educate the Minister, and provide some encouragement and information to our colleagues.


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