Tyee article on the tuition policy

This article by Katie Hyslop in the Tyee cites VCC the faculty association that the proposed $1600 in tuition fees per term for ABE students is too high. Tuition fees for a Masters degree in Education at SFU are between $1500 and $1700 per term, and many registrants are already earning salaries as teachers when the enrol in M. Ed and MA programs. So, teachers pay the same amount to gain further training and a graduate degree as their basic education students do to complete their secondary school requirements.


One thought on “Tyee article on the tuition policy

  1. This is a bizarre “solution” to address cuts in funding from the provincial government. The ABE tuition fees at Vancouver Community College have now passed and are going to be implemented very soon. It’s still not clear exactly when, but likely it will be in April 2015 at the latest. A full-time ABE student will have to pay $1600 for one term. (This doesn’t include the other associated fees which actually brings the total up to $1800.) There is supposed to be tuition coverage through an Adult Upgrading Grant for students who make under $23,700/year. So, if you make over this amount, then you are supposed to find some way to pay the tuition fee. This doesn’t make any sense. $23,700/year in Metro Vancouver is under the poverty line. What is happening here?


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